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Отправка электронной почты.

<!--#email tohost="www.ict.nsk.su" message="Thanks for the HTML" toaddress="www@www.ict.nsk.su" subject="The SSI"-->

При отработке данного примера будет отправлено электронное письмо (e-mail), содержание которого задано атрибутом message, по адресу, определенному атрибутом toaddress, если данный адрес и host, заданный атрибутом tohost (данный атрибут может отсутсвовать), реально существует.

The email tag provides for sending an Email whenever an HTML page is accessed or an HTML form submitted. The nature of the variables below is defined in RFC 733. The variables 'fromhost', 'tohost', 'fromaddress' and 'toaddress' are required, all others are optional.

  1. 'debug' enables advanced diagnostics. This variable should only be used during development. The format of this variable is 'debug=" '<OnOrOff>'"' where
    • <OnOrOff> := 'ON' to enable debugging
    • <OnOrOff> := 'OFF' to disable debugging, this is the default action if the debug variable is omitted.
  2. 'fromhost' defines the name of the smtp host sending the mail.
  3. 'tohost' defines the name of the smtp host the mail will be sent to.
  4. 'fromaddress' defines the email address from party.
  5. 'toaddress' defines the email address of the recipient party.
  6. 'message' defines the message body to be sent.
  7. 'subject' defines the subject field of the message to be sent.
  8. 'sender' defines the email address sending party.
  9. 'replyto' defines the email address to which replies should be sent.
  10. 'cc' defines the courtesy copy email addresses.
  11. 'inreplyto' defines the inreplyto field of the message to be sent.
  12. 'id' defines the id field of the message to be sent.

Example. The following document send an email with debugging enabled. Supposewe have a form with datum : [First, Last, Middle Initial, Company,Address1, Address2, City, State, Zip, Country, Phone, Fax, Request,Urgency, ReplyMethod; Email, Subject, Message] we may post thatform to an HTML document containing the following fragment tosend an email.

  • <!--#email debug="ON" fromhost="www.theworld.com" tohost="mailbox.theworld.com" message="First -&&First&&, Last - &&Last&&,MI- &&Middle Initial&&, Company - &&Company&&, Address - &&Address1&&, &&Address2&&, &&City&&, &&State&&, &&Zip&&, &&Country&&, Phone - &&Phone&&,Fax - &&Fax&&, Request &&Urgency &&via&& ReplyMethod&&, Message - &&Message&& "fromaddress="&&EMail&&" toaddress="markw@mailbox.theworld.com" subject="WebMan - &&Subject&&" sender="&&EMail&& "replyto="&&EMail&&" cc=" " inreplyto="A WebMan Automated E-Mail" id="WebManEMail" -->

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